Dream World

Rarely do I have dreams that I remember… well, rarely do I have dreams that I remember that aren’t foretelling in someway. I’m sure I dream like everyone else as far as frequency, but usually they don’t resonate in my head long enough to remember them.

This is not one of those dreams. It’s a completely garbled tangle of absurdity, which I will layout for you now. Below is my original description of last nights befuddlement.

For some reason I was in WalMart on Election Day. I was hanging out with a bunch of people from work and I guess we thought we had to go to WalMart to vote. Well, we get there and turns out the local Wally World was not the polling place. It was the Best Buy across the street. It was obviously late in the night as we ran across five lanes of traffic and along another parking lot to get to the Best Buy before they closed. We got there and were pounding on the doors yelling for them to let us in so we could vote.

Finally the cat at Best Buy felt bad for us and let us in, but all the lights were off so we had to be walked over the to the plasma screens by hand and get voting instructions on how to vote in the dark. Then when we finished, I handed my little hand held voting machine to a guy I recognized from my days out west, and who I know lives in California. Well of course we struck up a conversation and the people behind me started getting antsy because they were sure their votes weren’t going to get counted.

Now how is that for odd? Presidential polling at WalMart? Rushing to vote before the store closes? Being let in by a flippin’ cat?

I don’t have a clue about the meaning of this dream.

I can tell you I was aware it was weird while it was happening. I was somewhat in control because I remember the hand-held voting thing changing shape from the first time I looked at it and the way it looked when I handed it over to my friend from California. I wouldn’t say I was lucid, but I remember influencing the dream a little, though I’m not sure why or to what extent that control actually reached. Let’s face it, I was trying to vote at WalMart and I talked a cat into opening the door at Best Buy… Crazy what the mind can do.

Any deep ideas from the peanut gallery?

I personally think I got too much sleep.

Have to fix that.



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