Surgical Bitch

Dad goes in tomorrow to have his back opened up to repair some serious problems. Should be a four hour surgery and at least four months off of work.

The doctors have told him all of his other surgeries will seem like walk in the park compared to this one, so you know, he’s got that going for him.

It seems there is a new practice happening where the surgeon initials the patient in a pre op appointment, which is supposed to decrease the possibility of operating on the wrong person. Seems silly but ok. Well since they will be operating on his back, he now has the initials MK suspiciously written on his lower back. The look is similar to that of a lower back tattoo or “tramp stamp” as they have been called in the past, which led my father to declare to his sister that he now “belongs to the doctor.”

So his sense of humor will see him through we guess!



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