My name is Ken, or Scott, depending on who you ask, and this is my site. I was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, to two amazing people, Ken and Darcy, who I’m sure never quite thought that THIS is how their oldest child, and only son would turn out. When I was two I was awarded coveted Big Brother status by my parents for what was no doubt exceptional behavior at a very young age, when they presented me with a baby sister, Kelly. This was a decision that they certainly questioned from time to time in the wee hours of the night for the next 6,939 days.

We moved around some during our childhood, to where there was work or family. When I was starting the 7th grade, we moved for the last time to Battle Creek, Michigan. It was early on there that I became friends with “the boys”, who over time would collectively talk me into getting into more trouble than my little sister ever got me in by herself. We became brothers, and I was honored and humbled when asked to stand as Best Man with two of them, and why I fully intend to still rib them when we’re all in walkers.

I moved out after high school when the oppression of the two people who brought me into this world stopped me from staying out until 3 in the morning and spending more money than I made. Logically, I decided to head to Kalamazoo and move in with my best female friend near the campus of Western Michigan University. Originally, my plan was to lull her into a common law marriage; while her plan appeared to be to date other guys just to make me jealous. What a little vixen! After a bit I realized that because I had two roommates, I could possibly enter into a common law union with both of them using my current plan. Let the record state that I’ve been told it wouldn’t have been as much fun as it sounds, and that I believe that’s a lie.

With my devious scheme now completely derailed in only three years, once an employment opportunity that would expand my background came available; I gave it a shot and decided to move across the country. Jackson, Wyoming was 1,541 miles away from everything and everyone I had ever known. I loaded up my truck and moved to the land of the cowboy, the buffalo and the tour bus. Within a week of being there a new friend who was a veteran of the area looked at me and told me I’d be back. I was hooked, and it showed. That winter I took a job in Florida, but returned the next spring to Jackson Hole. At one place and literally at the same instant you can feel insignificant and all powerful. Even now, the mountains are my escape, only now it’s in my mind. I moved away a kid, but when I came back, it was as a grown up. Funny how that happened far away from the place I called home.

When I came back, I came back to Battle Creek, within 15 minutes of my friends and family. I took a job outside of my traditional scope and excelled at it. Over the years I’ve met some great people I consider my friends. I fell hard once and had my heartbroken more than that, but I’m back and kicking again, as change is the only constant. It wasn’t long before I was looking for more and finishing school became my next goal.

Nowadays, it’s me, and my rescue zoo taking on the world. There is the cat Gateway, who is a rescue from a fan belt incident in Florida. I say “the” instead of “my” because at times I think that he believes that he owns me. Then there is my lab mix, aptly named Jackson. He’s a bit exuberant and we often argue about silly things, like what socks are truly designed for or how far on the couch is actually on the couch. I can’t brag about always being victorious. Every now and again, that dog makes a valid point.

I’m enjoying my nephews and nieces, and am happy being me. I have my camera with me at all times, though I don’t break it out as often as I should. I quit smoking in 2005 and am looking to make more strides at becoming the man that the boy I was in high school, thought I would be and that everyone else always believed I was going to be.

Yeah… I think that explains a little…

UPDATE July 2006:

Well the undergraduate degree is finished now… looking for a new challenge. Work, personal life, you know, adult stuff.



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  1. Posted by Sheila on August 9, 2007 at 7:38 am


    What is up with you? Did you change your email address? I have been thinking about you. I am glad you still have this so I can keep tabs on you.



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